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Ending a marriage can be both confusing and emotional.  The Miller Firm's Dayton, Ohio divorce lawyer is committed to providing each of its clients with diligent, compassionate representation that is both affordable and efficient.  The Miller Firm strives to fully understand the unique issues and complexities of every case in order to achieve a favorable result.  If you need legal help with any divorce, child custody, or other family law matter, contact The Miller Firm today at (937) 259 - 8031 for a free consultation. 

Child Support in Ohio

The amount of child support is usually the most asked question in any divorce or dissolution case.  Considering what is at stake, it is important for those who will likely be required to pay child support to understand what their obligation will be.  Calculating child support in Ohio can be a complicated and frustrating task.  In Ohio, child support is governed by Ohio Revised Code Section 3119.  This Ohio law provides the formula used to calculate child support.  Under this formula, the main factor which determines the amount of child support is the parent’s combined incomes.  After this calculation, certain deductions can be included into the calculation, including local income taxes, dependency exemptions, and other child or spousal support paid by either parent. 

After these exemptions are calculated and the parents’ income category is determined, a chart is utilized to establish the amount of support required to raise the children.  The obligor, or the parent required to pay child support, will then pay his/her pro-rated portion of the amount shown on the chart. 

There are also other aspects of child support, including health insurance and cash medical support orders, which further complicated the child support scenario.  

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