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Child custody issues can be both confusing and emotional.  The Miller Firm's Dayton, Ohio grandparent child custody and visitation lawyer is committed to providing each of its clients with diligent, compassionate representation that is both affordable and efficient.  The Miller Firm strives to fully understand the unique issues and complexities of every case in order to achieve a favorable result.  If you need legal help with any divorce, child custody, or other family law matter, contact The Miller Firm today at (937) 259 - 8031 for a free consultation.  

Grandparents' Rights to Custody and Visitation

Grandparents have the ability to file for custody of their grandchildren. However, in order to be granted custody, grandparents must not only demonstrate that both parents are unfit, they must also prove that placing the child in the grandparents' custody would be in the best interest of the child.

Another common issue involving grandparents is the topic of grandparent visitation.  Under Ohio law, grandparents can be awarded visitation with their grandchildren in three circumstances.  First, grandparents may be awarded visitation if the parents terminate their marriage or separate.  Grandparents may also be awarded visitation if a parent of their grandchild(ren) has died.  Third, grandparent visitation may be awarded if the child is born to unmarried parents. Additionally, in divorce proceedings, grandparents are permitted to file a motion for visitation at any time during or after the divorce proceedings.  

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