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The Miller Firm's Dayton, Ohio child custody lawyer is committed to providing each of its clients with diligent, compassionate representation that is both affordable and efficient.  The Miller Firm strives to fully understand the unique issues and complexities of every case in order to achieve a favorable result.  If you need legal help with any divorce, child custody, or other family law matter, contact The Miller Firm today at (937) 259 - 8031 for a free consultation.  

Post Decree Matters in Divorce or Dissolution

A variety of issues can arise following a divorce or dissolution.  When a divorce or dissolution is concluded, the Court will enter a final decree which will include the terms of the parties’ agreement or the decision of the Court regarding the division of assets and/or debts, the amount of child support and spousal support, child custody, or the terms of a shared parenting plan. 

If one of the parties violates the final decree or if circumstances change, the other party is then able to file a post-decree motion to seek relief.  In many cases, post-decree matters can be as complex as an initial divorce proceeding.  After filing, the post-decree motion must be served upon the opposing party at which time the opposing party is entitled to retain counsel of his/her own.  Post-decree matters can also involve the exchange of discovery and negotiation or mediation to attempt to reach a resolution.  

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